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--Smart Shield Offers Safety for Schools, Workplaces, and Other Spaces With
Discreet Internet-based connected Shield--

Hermosa Beach, Calif. and Alexandria, Va. (Oct. 8, 2019) –AASA, The School Superintendents Association, has formed a new partnership with Armor At Hand™, a company that manufacturers Smart Shields™ which are capable of instantly protecting users from handguns and high-powered rifles with an optional internet connection, making them smart. The Shields serve as a first layer of protection in the event of an intrusion and serve as an alarm to alert those connected to the system a potential threat is occurring.

Armor At Hand manufactures the world’s first lightweight, mobile Smart Shields with internet connectivity and U.S. National Institute of Justice (NIJ) level 3 equivalent test rating, giving it the ability to stop high-powered rifle rounds. Schools, workplaces, places of worship and other venues now have access to the Smart Shield. AASA members can receive a special offer to receive a Smart Shield from Armor At Hand.

“Armor At Hand’s partnership with AASA speaks to both organizations’ commitment to providing resources to assist school districts before, during and after a crisis,” said Chad Ahrens, founder and CEO, Armor At Hand. “With access to more than 12,000 school districts, the AASA partnership enables us to reach the people that the Smart Shields are designed to protect.”

The Shields hide discreetly in plain sight yet provide immediate protection at first encounter. Once one of the shields is moved, all the shields in the area are alerted and will light up and buzz while autonomously sending an alert to authorities of a potential threat. Armor At Hand Smart Shield uses ArcGIS by Esri to map real-time danger areas and safe zones while simultaneously offering route guidance to safety for those in harm’s way. Activation movement amount and timeframes are setup at installation to meet the needs of each site.

“AASA is proud to be partnering with Armor At Hand,” said Daniel A. Domenech, executive director, AASA. “Threats of violence at our schools has continued to be an issue that must be addressed. AASA is committed to keeping students, teachers and schools around the country safe. Launching this partnership with Armor At Hand is indicative of our commitment to doing that by using emerging technology in security.”

AASA is the premiere membership organization representing public school district superintendents across the country and the world. The primary goal of AASA is to advocate for highest quality public education for all students, as well as to develop and support school system leaders.

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About Armor At Hand
Armor At Hand™, is the manufacturer of the Smart Shield™, a lightweight ballistic shield engineered with advanced materials and IoT connected technology. It is designed to provide users with the National Institute of Justine N.I.J. Level III ballistic protection equivalent from common pistols and high-powered rifles while being disguised in public areas. Armor At Hand is dedicated to using today’s advanced technologies to provide protection in schools, places of worship, hospitals, workplaces and other facilities. Armor at Hand’s Smart Shield is proudly manufactured in the USA. School sponsorship programs are available to foundations and corporations. For more information, visit

About AASA
AASA, The School Superintendents Association, founded in 1865, is the professional organization for more than 13,000 educational leaders in the United States and throughout the world. AASA’s mission is to support and develop effective school system leaders who are dedicated to equitable access for all students to the highest quality public education. For more information, visit