2021 National Women’s Leadership Consortium


Why a Women’s Leadership Consortium?

AASA, The School Superintendents Association, is committed to preparing a diverse talent pool of leaders to support America’s schools and school systems. Equity is at the core of everything we do. We believe that when leaders learn, network and grow together, students benefit from the collective impact that is generated. All leaders have a responsibility to promote and nurture the next generation of talent, “paying it forward,” so that American’s children have caring, knowledgeable and courageous leaders.  

In recent years, AASA has engaged in an initiative to elevate the role of females and other under-represented leaders in education. AASA has produced videos and vignettes of highly successful female superintendents’ sharing leadership stories in their role of Chief Learner in their school districts. AASA hosts an Aspiring Superintendent Academy® for Female Leaders.

AASA is proud to launch the 2021 National Women’s Leadership Consortium. The 2021 National Women’s Leadership Consortium will bring together up to 35 like-minded female superintendents and/or corporate or nonprofit leaders who are innovators and risk-takers in the field of leadership. We are seeking people who advance opportunities for all youth by the example they set and the way they advocate.

 Please join us! 

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 You are invited to join the only cohort specifically designed for women in top positions of leadership in school systems, corporations and nonprofit organizations.  The Consortium plans to meet at the National Conference on Education in Nashville in February 2022. At the summit, female leaders will extend collective impact through networking and sharing best practices. National Women’s Leadership Consortium 2021 has a theme of Leadership Wellness Matters in building a more equity-focused world. Leaders need balance in their lives and to lead courageously and think deeply as they also attend to social, emotional and familial needs. 

There are many reasons to join today!


 We believe that with Women Educators Leading Learning (#AASAWELL), we can truly change the landscape of growth opportunities for youngsters in this nation. A deep dive into leading for innovation in a digital age is also planned for the February meeting.



AASA is seeking talented educational and nonprofit leaders to become engaged in the National Women’s Leadership Consortium 2021. Tuition is only $2,000 for participation in the consortium, which meets three times virtually, once in-person and at a summit at the National Conference on Education. Apply now to form relationships that last a lifetime!    

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AASA would like to thank Horace Mann for providing support to help make this program possible.



Questions? Please contact Valerie Truesdale, Ph. D., AASA Assistant Executive Director,
at vtruesdale@aasa.org or 703.774.6930.