AASA Extends Partnership with CrisisGo to Boost School Safety



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CrisisGo platform offers safety anytime, anywhere, with tools available on virtually any desktop and mobile device   

Alexandria, Va. – (January 8, 2019) – AASA, The School Superintendents Association, has renewed its partnership with CrisisGo, a company that makes safety accessible by shortening the time it takes to respond to emergencies and reducing risk through a comprehensive platform dedicated to crisis management.

AASA and CrisisGo offer a free school safety app called Safe Classroom that enables district and school staff to react quickly and more effectively to any critical situation. Parents and students will also have access to the app, allowing them to stay informed of safety risks, and securely and anonymously report bullying, harassment or potential threats to do their part in improving safety within the entire education community. 

“This emergency app automatically runs in the background whenever the class computer is turned on,” said Bill Reynolds, vice president of sales, CrisisGo. “It’s just like your computer’s antivirus software, except that instead of protecting machines, it protects people. With Safe Classroom, when there’s an imminent threat, an alert with an audible warning can be sent instantly to every classroom in the school — or even in the district — with the information that teachers need to keep students safe. The app also allows classrooms to stay connected and work together to respond quickly and smartly as dangerous events are unfolding.”

“AASA is very pleased that CrisisGo, a national leader in school safety, serves as one of our School Solutions partners,” said Daniel A. Domenech, executive director, AASA. “Threats of violence continue to thwart our schools and communities. Continuing our partnership is indicative of the fact that the safety of our students remains a top priority.”

The Safe Classroom app is free, easy to install, and can be a life-saving resource for educators, students, parents and the entire education community. CrisisGo and AASA are committed to doing what can be done to make an immediate change in school safety. More information can be found at https://www.crisisgo.com/offers/safe-classroom.

CrisisGo also contributed to the AASA collaborative project offering resources for district leaders to prepare for crisis situations. The “School Safety and Crisis Planning” toolkit, launched last summer by AASA, is a set of online resources to assist school districts before, during and after a crisis. The kit features a myriad of resources and access to a group of safety leaders throughout the U.S. who provide peer-to-peer guidance about a variety of crises, including shootings, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, fires, suicides and other major disruptions that come without notice. More information can be found at http://aasacentral.org/school-safety. a set of online resources to assist school districts before, during and after a crisis.

About AASA 
AASA, The School Superintendents Association, founded in 1865, is the professional organization for more than 13,000 educational leaders in the United States and throughout the world. AASA’s mission is to support and develop effective school system leaders who are dedicated to equitable access for all students to the highest quality public education. For more information, visit www.aasa.org.   

About CrisisGo:
CrisisGo is a comprehensive safety solution that keeps the people you're responsible for protected at school, home, work, or on the go. CrisisGo’s advanced technology transforms any smartphone, mobile device, or computer into a personal safety assistant, combining safety awareness, emergency instructions, and crisis response tools. CrisisGo’s mobile safety tools have been chosen by over 14,000 schools and organizations. For more information, visit www.crisisgo.com.