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SA Cover April 2002

April 2002Computer-Based TestingUsing real-time data to asses student performance


  • Mixing Technology and Testing

    by Alexander Russo

    Computer-based assessments of student performance provide flexibility, a quick turnaround and lower costs than paper-and-pencil versions, proponents say.

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  • Performance Assessment in Real Time

    by Chip Kimball and Tom Cone

    Two school districts in Washington state are seeing fundamental shifts in the learning process by using technology as a tool to support data-centric instruction. Kimball is assistant superintendent for information services, Lake Washington School District, Redmond, Wash. Cone is assistant superintendent for educational services in the Vancouver, Wash., School District.

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  • Technology Solutions for Testing

    by Allan Olson

    Technology solutions for testing run the gamut from online coursework with built-in assessment to electronic systems for scoring written essays. Selecting a computerized test can be simplified if you focus on what you need and how quickly you need it.

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  • The Hard Drive to Student Growth

    by Linda Clark

    An Idaho district discovers how computerized testing helps foster continuous student improvement.

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    Donald A. Kirkegaard by Jay P. Goldman

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    Tying a Tax Levy to Promised by Jane Hammond

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    Complying with Federal Law for Safe Internet Use by Nancy Willard

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    Guest Columns

    Why We Must ‘Decommit’ to Gobbledygook by William L. Bainbridge

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    A Corny Sort of Mascot Controversy by Joseph Graves

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    Reading the Morale Thermometer by Daniel Espeland

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    Freeing the Student Press for Their Good and Ours by Kathleen Klink

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    What Would Peter Drucker Say? by Steven M. Sundre and C. Daniel Raisch

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    President’s Corner

    Improving Instruction as a Team by Don W. Hooper

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    Executive Perspective

    A Novel Notion: Best Teachers at Poorest Schools by Paul D. Houston

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    Federal Dateline

    Whiz-Bang Technology Adds to Your Impact by Nick J. Penning

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