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SA Cover August 2003

August 2003Budgeting in Hard TimesHow districts protect interests that make a difference


  • Financial Allies in Tough Times

    by Kimberly Reeves

    Superintendents and business directors collaborate even more closely when district revenues fall far short of needs.

    Similar Reading: How Much Budgeting Must You Know?

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  • Budget Cutting Without Rancor

    by Carmen Mariano

    The assistant superintendent in Quincy, Mass., details how his district slashed $8 million in proposed spending but protected student needs.

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  • Surviving Closings and Consolidations

    by Brad Hughes

    Keep an open attitude and apply a healthy dose of public input, says the communications director for the Kentucky School Boards Association.

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  • Central-Office Real Estate

    by Priscilla Pardini

    Some school districts find it’s possible to upgrade the quality of their headquarters without looking self-serving.

    Similar Reading: A Royal Office Headache in Rochester

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  • Private Capital for Public Schools

    by John M. McLaughlin and G. William Bavin

    A consultant on private-sector involvement points to market-driven solutions to school infrastructural needs.

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  • Barriers to Afterschool Programs

    by Anne Turnbaugh Lockwood

    An AASA study finds it’s more than funding that stands in the way of effective on-site programs.

    Similar Reading: AASA’s Study of Afterschool Sites

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    Moving Beyond Titles and Barriers by Jay P. Goldman

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    The Legalities of Board Business Online by R. Craig Wood

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    Nipping the Rumormongers by Tom Salter

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    President’s Corner

    Seven ‘Stand Up’ Sound Bites by John R. Lawrence

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    Executive Perspective

    Simultaneous Thinking by Paul D. Houston

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    Federal Dateline

    The Ins and Outs of Implementing NCLB by Terri Duggan Schwartzbeck

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