The School Administrator

SA September Cover 2003

September 2003Rethinking Public EducationThe dramatic shift from universal access to universal proficiency


  • Time to Re-Public the Republic


    AASA’s executive director on why we must rethink public education to avoid fragmenting the current system because of private choice. Rather, he argues, let’s reconnect to the common and public qualities of a system that promotes a sense of civic virtue. How can public education be reinvigorated?

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  • From Universal Access to Universal Proficiency

    by ANNE C. LEWIS

    Five experts in a roundtable Q&A on the demands of new leadership for old values. Panelists are John Goodlad of the University of Washington, Elliott Eisner of Stanford University, Patricia Graham of Harvard University, author and consultant Phillip Schlechty and Warren Simmons of the Annenberg Institute for School Reform. Anne Lewis is one of the nation’s foremost education writers and columnists.

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  • Educational Contracts for Parents


    A modest proposal for considering families as contractual partners in K-12 education—that is, where parents have contractual obligations on behalf of their children. The authors do more than propose specific programs by identifying the knowledge base that links family behaviors to educational outcomes and codifies it in a metaphorical contract. Henry Levin is executive director of the National Center for the Study of Privatization in Education at Columbia University. C.R. Belfield is the center’s associate director.

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  • Public Schools and Public Interest


    A provocative argument by a senior fellow of the American Enterprise Institute on what purposes the public schools should serve and who should determine those purposes. The author asks: Who should set performance goals for schools, and is school choice consistent with an insistence on schools serving the public interest?

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    In eight years as Beaumont, Texas, superintendent, Carrol “Butch” Thomas Jr. has moved the school system beyond its divisive past.

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    Board-Savvy Superintendent

    The Board President-Superintendent Team by DOUG EADIE

    A veteran school governance consultant on the importance of a cohesive partnership between the CEO and the elected board chair in the first installment of a new more

    Electronic Strategies to Manage Key Relationships by NORA CARR

    Superintendents can reach key constituents quickly and cheaply with important information via more
    Guest Columns

    Of Bushwhackers, Termites by RICHARD W. SMELTER

    During his career as an administrator, the author regularly encountered individuals who had him running for ulcer more

    Standing Still in the Wilderness by MARK T. BIELANG

    Interesting things start to happen when you sit quietly for extended periods of time, says the superintendent in Paw Paw, more

    Leadership and the Dave Matthews Band by BRADLEY J. RIEGER

    The author’s zeal for being a school leader comes front and center every time he listens to the Dave Matthews Band. He is superintendent in Sylvania, more

    Giving Districts Final Say on Home-Schoolers’ Play by TIMOTHY M. ALLWEIN

    Why state mandates that open interscholastic sports to all home-schoolers is misguided, according to the government relations director for the Pennsylvania School Boards more

    Sometimes You Must Act a Little Crazy by JOSEPH P. BATORY

    A retired Philadelphia-area superintendent’s offbeat manner to challenge the status more


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    President’s Corner

    My Elusive Pursuit of ‘Cheese’ by JOHN R. LAWRENCE

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    Executive Perspective

    Two Milestones, Two Lingering Goals by PAUL D. HOUSTON

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