AASA to Partner with National School Safety Center & VisdomK12 to Create, Maintain Safe Schools



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Alexandria, Va. – March 9, 2016 – During the past five years, three out of every four public schools reported that one or more crimes occurred at school, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. AASA, The School Superintendents Association, the nation’s premier organization representing school district leadership, is announcing today a new partnership in an effort to create safe, secure and peaceful schools. 

AASA is encouraging its members to utilize the School Safety Review, a stakeholder-focused review platform created by the National School Safety Center (NSSC) and VisdomK12, a company specializing in crowdsourcing review technologies for school districts. 

Ronald D. Stephens, executive director of NSSC, has conducted more than 2,000 school-site assessments in his career. “There are two types of school administrators—those who have faced a crisis and those who are about to,” said Stephens. “In an ideal world, one would like to prevent all school crime and ensure the safety of each staff member and student. The reality is so many things are outside the control of the school administrator that such a task is virtually impossible.” 

The School Safety Review is a user-friendly online tool for K-12 administrators who would like the added assurance of multiple perspectives on the issue of school safety. The technology allows educators, community and business leaders, and parents to participate in a 30-minute role-based review of “best practices” and “model strategies” developed around an “all-hazards approach” to school safety. 

“Our children have a right to live and learn in a safe environment,” said Daniel A. Domenech, executive director, AASA. “School Safety is a huge priority in our country. We are pleased to launch this partnership because it shows we are taking steps to put teeth in our efforts to stop the violence and address a wide range of safety threats and hazards that face our schools today. We hope to see our members take advantage of this online initiative.”  

“School safety can be a group effort where the collective wisdom and insight from district stakeholders is used to diagnose potential hazards, safety risks and gaps in school safety plans,” said Craig Beytien, managing partner of VisdomK12.  Our technology facilitates these stakeholder reviews—quickly and efficiently—so administrators’ decisions can be evidence-based, respected and understood.” 

“The technology ensures that every stakeholder’s voice is heard and valued,” said Patrick Heiderscheit, chief administrator for the Keystone Area Education Agency in Elkader, Iowa. “And the data analysis tools make it easy to validate the consensus of the group.” 

View this short video to learn how the School Safety Review works. The “crowd-sourcing” methodology makes it easy for school districts to involve multiple stakeholders in an all-hazards approach to school safety. The technology facilitates a role-based review of “best safety practices” and “model strategies,” then provides district leaders with a dashboard of valuable data that can inform decisions regarding safety plans, policies and training.  

“As a parent myself,” added Beytien, “one of the greatest benefits of the School Safety Review is that it lets everyone know that your district is taking an all-eyes approach to make sure that your schools are safe places to learn, work and play." 

Click here for more information. To request a demonstration, visit http://www.visdomk12.com/ssr-request-demo.


About AASA
AASA, The School Superintendents Association, founded in 1865, is the professional organization for more than 13,000 educational leaders in the United States and throughout the world. AASA’s mission is to support and develop effective school system leaders who are dedicated to the highest quality public education for all children. For more information, visit www.aasa.org.