The School Administrator

SA Cover- August 2005

August 2005 Number 7, Vol. 62Collaborative TechnologyIncorporating students' personal devices in relevant instruction


  • Learning Collaboratively With Technology

    by Jim Hirsch

    The associate superintendent of technology in Plano, Texas, discusses how students' social interactions demand new applications of digital learning tools in the schools they attend.

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  • Technology Immerson

    by Dennis L. Peterson

    New tools in the hands of well-trained instructional staff may transform teaching and learning in the Minnetonka, Minn., schools, according to the superintendent.

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  • Laptops and Communication Lessons

    by Diane E. Reed, Allison J. Armstrong and Renee A. Williams

    The superintendent in Honeoye Falls, N.Y., and members of her team detail a painful though temporary setback over the district's laptop initiative and what they discovered about public input.

    Similar Reading: Leading From Experience

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  • The Power of Technology

    by Lee L. Jenkins

    With the proper framework in place, instructional technology can make possible the daunting task of both leading and managing students and academic standards. The author, a former superintendent, runs a consulting practice.

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  • Refrains of the School Critics

    by Susan Ohanian

    Behind the rhetoric of public education's critics lies a contempt in some quarters for the work of eudcators. The author, who has written widely on the merits of public schools, dissects the messages and the motives lying behind them.

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    Profile: Charting Yakima on a Far-Reaching Roadmap by Jay Goldman

    Ben Soria's metaphor of choice as a district superintendent is the roadmap, which carries extra meaning for his personal career.

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    Board-Savvy Superintendent

    Curing the Ownership Deficit Syndrome by Doug Eadie

    Turn your board members into owners by involving them creatively and appropriately in shaping the most important products you expect them to act on, such as the annual budget or a policy more

    Spousal Conflicts of Interest by Shana R. Lewis

    Romantic relationships sometimes bloom between a school district employee and a sitting school board member, raising ethical questions. A lawyer with the Ohio School Boards Association offers a policy more
    Guest Column

    Inferior Blackberries and Other Excuses I've Heard by David Van Winkle

    In defending public schools, educators make the faulty assumptions that students are raw materials that must be accepted as is. A more appropriate view, says a suburban superintendent, is the student in the role of customer with needs and more


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    Tech Leadership

    More Voices Create Better Policies by Doug Johnson

    You can prevent open hostility between the educators and the technologists through collaborative crafting of guidelines for technology use in the school district, according to the technology director in Mankato, more
    President's Corner

    The Cornerstone of Our Freedom by David Gee

    In his debut column, AASA's president for 2005-2006 establishes his top priority for guiding the more
    Executive Perspective

    Living in a Jerry Springer World by Paul D. Houston

    The executive director's analysis of the social and moral contradictions present in contemporary more
    Federal Dateline

    Will the Winds of Change Bring a Growth Model? by Terri Duggan Schwartzbeck

    A hope that legislators will realize there's a much fairer way to measure students' academic progress over more