The School Administrator

Cover Nov 2005

November 2005 Number 10, Vol. 62Feeding Mind, Body, SpiritAttending to the needs of the whole superintendent


  • Feeding the Superintendent’s Mind

    Fifteen superintendents share personal reflections on a single book that has significantly shaped their thoughts, actions and values as leaders. Their choices range widely. The contributors are (in order of appearance) Thomas W. Payzant, Jane Hammond, Benjamin O. Canada, Kenneth M. Bird, Donald R. Draayer, Sarah Jerome, Daniel A. Domenech, Becky Canty, Sheldon H. Berman, Kathleen M. Hickey, Anthony J. Bent, David E. Roach, Dennis J. Smith, Jo Lynne S. DeMary and Marc F. Bernstein.

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  • Nourishing Our Spirit as Leaders

    by Stephen L. Sokolow

    The executive director of the Center for Empowered Leadership and an ex-superintendent expounds on six ways for leaders to amplify their joy, passion for life and self-fulfillment.

    Similar Reading: Integrating Mind, Body, Spirit

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  • Habits of Spiritually Grounded Leaders

    by Scott Thompson

    Staying open-hearted and steadily focused on a higher purpose in politically charged and psychically dangerous work environments requires inner strength that comes from spiritual practice. The author’s ideas are drawn from his new book. Also: Humility in leadership.

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  • Feeding the Body

    Six superintendents detail their regimens for attending to their physical wellness. They link their workout routines and usually careful eating habits to their sharpness on the job. The contributors are (in order of appearance) John A. Roederer, Peter Flynn, Deborah L. Kerr, Joseph L. Natale, Janet L. Mohr and Thomas Fowler-Finn.

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  • Situational Governance: A Continuum of Board Types

    by Daniel A. Domenech

    How board governance changes with respect to a superintendent’s experience and the board’s confidence in that person.

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Tech Leadership

Applying Students’ Own Devices in the Classroom by Jim Hirsch

Consider seriously the rewards of embedding students’ cell phones and iPods into the more
Guest Columns

Raising Accountability for Parents Too by Stanley Bippus

A superintendent takes issue with the failure to hold parents accountable in the national push to raise student outcomes.

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Whatever Happened to the Average Student? by Tom Krause

A health education coordinator identifies the endangered status of students in the middle, who’ve been affected by inflated grading and accelerated curricula.

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Marketing America’s Schools 101 by Larry Clinefelter

The powerful marketing message of the words No Child Left Behind creates an atmosphere that almost defies criticism.

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Marrying Citizens and Educators in Decisions by Matt Leighninger

Public engagement projects demonstrate the capacity of citizens to examine thorny school issues and devise solutions.

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President's Corner

Leadership’s Time Is Now by David E. Gee

AASA’s president calls on school leaders to be the voice of experience in the face of public criticism.

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Executive Perspective

Who You Gonna Call? by Paul D. Houston

When the unexpected arises and problems present themselves, whom do communities rely on to pull together all the pieces and make things happen up and down the line? The local school superintendent, of course.

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