AASA Partners with High-Tech Firm to Bolster Real-Time Teacher-Parent School, Community Engagement


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Alexandria, Va. – Nov. 9, 2015 – Superintendents across the country agree that parent-teacher-child engagement is one of the most important factors in closing the achievement gap.  Branding and community engagement have been found to be integral components of any successful school district.  

A 2012 Harvard University study found that, on average, teacher-family communication increased the likelihood of students completing their homework by 42 percent and decreased instances in which teachers had to redirect students’ attention to the task at hand by 25 percent. (The Effect of Teacher-Family Communication on Student Engagement: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment, 2013)

AASA, The School Superintendents Association, has chosen to partner with PreciouStatus, a Minnesota- based mobile app developer and 8-time award winner for innovation. PreciouStatus’ powerful software is providing the capability for teachers to easily send real-time updates directly to parents and loved ones. Through the growth of digital media, the company is involving scores of communities, regardless of technology preference or socioeconomic status.

The PreciouStatus system is fully customizable, allowing educators to share messages, photos and other timely updates with parents and families through any mobile device. With the push of a button on a  mobile device (or computer), school staff can keep parents fully aware of their child’s school life, strengthening school-community engagement while saving substantial amounts time, effort and cost on administrative tasks.

“PreciouStatus is a mission-based, consumer-oriented platform that sends push notifications providing parents the opportunity to monitor their children’s progress and engage their children in meaningful conversations about what was covered by the teachers.  Additionally, there are thousands of amazing stories of teacher wins in the classroom and the community is engaged with pride for their local schools and educators,” said Julie Gilbert Newrai, company founder and CEO. “We are excited to be chosen as a key partner for AASA, the nation’s premier organization for school district leadership. This initiative will enhance community partnerships among administrators, school leaders, parents and students.  In all of this, our top priority is kids winning and winning big in learning and life outcomes.”

“I’m impressed with our members’ increasing level of engagement in an effort to raise academic achievement. Adding PreciouStatus to our list of School Solutions partners can only strengthen this effort,” said Daniel A. Domenech, executive director, AASA. “PreciouStatus is a proven communications resource that has created positive brand recognition for school districts, school buildings, principals, teachers and communities. Boosting this kind of engagement can only lead to greater student academic outcomes.” 

According to Dennis L. Peterson, superintendent in Minnetonka, Minn., “When it comes to information from school, parents most want to hear from their child’s teacher about what that child is doing and learning. PreciouStatus provides an easy, mobile and highly secure tool for teachers to communicate in real-time with parents. It absolutely meets the needs of our young families who expect short, instant communication. It’s been a time saver for teachers.”

“PreciouStatus set-up, onboarding and teacher training has been the most carefree communications tool we have deployed in our district,” said Janet Swiecichowski, APR, executive director for communications, Minnetonka Public Schools. It required no tech integration and no communications team support. Because its primary client base is in healthcare, PreciouStatus is HIPPA and FERPA compliant. The analytics and measurement functions clearly show the tool is effective in connecting parents and teachers, without imposing on precious teacher time.”

“PreciousStatus is a means to provide quick, real-time communication to parents and guardians throughout the day,” said Gary Ganje, director of technology, St. Cloud, Minn., Area School District.  “We deliver information that can be family conversation starters after school. This is the key to increasing parent engagement, which closes down the achievement gap.”

It’s a “new level of parent engagement, student engagement and teacher/administrator engagement,” said Charlene Myklebust, a national special educational leadership consultant. “PreciouStatus gives all of our teachers the opportunity to connect with all of our parents,” added Brooke Bass, executive director of human resources, Rochester, Minn., Public Schools.

“When PreciouStatus was introduced to our school, it was game changer,” said a parent of a kindergarten student. “It has raised the credibility of the school … and the [school’s] commitment to parents.”

To learn more about the PreciouStatus system, visit the AASA website. For more information and immediate assistance with PreciouStatus, educators can contact tim@precioustatus.com directly.


About PreciouStatus
PreciouStatus, winner of 8 international awards for innovation, is a sophisticated technology platform simplifying instant teacher-parent communications, and keeping families and educators engaged in the daily activities of their loved ones, seamlessly using any mobile device or computer. Visit www.precioustatus.com for more information.

About AASA
AASA, The School Superintendents Association, founded in 1865, is the professional organization for more than 13,000 educational leaders in the United States and throughout the world. AASA’s mission is to support and develop effective school system leaders who are dedicated to the highest quality public education for all children. For more information, visit www.aasa.org.