The School Administrator

August 07 Cover

August 2007 Number 7, Vol. 64Where's Graduate Study Going?Eliminating the Ed.D., online doctorates, training nontraditionals



    A Simple Formula for a Complex Place by Jay P. Goldman

    Brenda Dietrich operates under a spotlight even brighter than most, leading a suburban Kansas school district populated by high-expectation types from government and business.

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    Board-Savvy Superintendent

    A Healthy Recipe for a Presidential Relationship by Doug Eadie

    Superintendents who take the time and trouble to build a solid working partnership with their school board president have realized a powerful return on their more

    Navigating Your Entry in a New Community by Nadine Binkley

    For a superintendent, a positive entrance into a new position and community is more

    When Toilet Paper Becomes a Safety Concern by David Moscinski

    Good planning, well ahead of homecoming, can help eliminate the problem of misbehaving hordes of students. But a long-standing tradition can take some time to more
    Guest Column

    Why We Invest in Board-Certified Teachers by Michael N. Riley

    A veteran superintendent in Washington state first learned about national board certification for teachers not from a journal or a workshop but from a teacher — and soon thereafter from many teachers — and that has made all the more


    The latest look at the superintendent turnstile — promotions and retirements across the land. The Sidelight falls on Sandra Mercier, a superintendent who also runs an apple orchard, a longtime family more
    Tech Leadership

    What’s That in Your Students’ Pockets? by Jim Hirsch

    How prepared are school staffs for today’s scenario where students bring a wide array of personal technology devices into classrooms?read more
    President's Corner

    At the Heart of AASA by Sarah D. Jerome

    In her debut column, AASA’s elected leader says her mission as association president is to champion public education and the children served by public more
    Executive Perspective

    Burning Thoughts on a Snowy Day by Paul D. Houston

    AASA’s executive director finds hours of thinking pleasure just outside his office window — and a commentary on racism, placeism and more
    Federal Dateline

    Scholars Shoot Down Chicken Little Theories by Bruce Hunter

    AASA’s government relations chief shares a recent learning experience that compared contrasting theories of how to change the direction and function of public more