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October 2007 Number 9, Vol. 64Legal FalloutLawsuit protection, cyberbullying, racial integration


  • ‘I’m Calling My Lawyer’

    by James Wasser

    The superintendent of New Jersey’s Freehold Regional High School District has often received the threat, “I’m going to sue you.” He’s been able to sharply cut his schools’ legal costs and wasted time through prudence and diligent follow up, stemming the tide of unwarranted litigation.

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  • Misbehavior in Cyberspace

    by Maureen A. MacFarlane

    The rise in social networking sites and chat rooms is contributing to claims of cyberbullying and harassment. School leaders now play a balancing act between free expression and student safety in cyberspace, according to the staff attorney in the Cambridge, Mass., Public Schools.

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  • Personnel Pitfalls in Cyberworld

    by Thomas E. Wheeler III

    Do school system leaders have a duty to monitor the online actions of school staff and study the online presence of those applying for teaching vacancies? An Indianapolis-based education attorney sees a need for more diligence in dealing with questionable speech by educators on the Internet.

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  • 10 Things Never To Say

    by Kimberly Croyle

    In individual education plan meetings, educational administrators can almost guarantee they’ll generate a parent appeal by making misleading or unintentional comments. Slips of the tongue can lead to bigger problems, such as due process hearings and complaints to the state education agency, a veteran education lawyer says in compiling 10 common verbal miscues.

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  • Desegregation Dead? Not in This Court Decision

    by Maree Sneed

    School districts still have lawful options for integrating student populations despite the popular interpretation of a major U.S. Supreme Court decision on the subject in June. The author is a Washington, D.C. –based legal adviser to school districts and educational associations.

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  • A Crack in the Educational Malpractice Wall

    by Terri A. DeMitchell and Todd A. DeMitchell

    With performance standards in place in schools nationwide, will it be long before federal and state courts recognize an individual student’s constitutional right to competent instruction in the classroom? The authors — a former school law attorney and a former superintendent — see the high-stakes testing environment contributing to the prospect of litigation ahead.

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    Faith and Finance for Making a Difference by Jay P. Goldman

    Tom Shelton, son of a preacher, went the route of a financial analyst for a decade before finding his passion in serving children as superintendent in Daviess County, Ky.

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    Punchback: Answering Critics

    A Distraction From Schools’ Real Needs by Richard Rothstein

    An economic analyst challenges the notion that 21st century global competition will only delineate further the failings of public schools and the inferior quality of school more

    Grant Writing: Money for the Plucking by Penny Schuckman

    A Kansas school leader who has brought in more than a quarter-million dollars in external support to her district over the past year shares 10 suggestions for what it takes to write a successful grant more
    Guest Columns

    ‘I’ve Got Rhythm:’ The Dance Routine by Robert B. Denhardt and Janet V. Denhardt

    Borrowing from the world of art and dance and relying on the words of successful leaders, the authors identify those aspects of rhythm that are essential to effective more

    A Reflection on a Violent Day by George A. Goens

    The phone call on a cold, wintry Wednesday afternoon launched a journey that no superintendent ever wants to take. This one remembers the adrenaline rush from 15 years more


    Who’s moved into new leadership posts across the country and who’s retired from the superintendent more
    Board-Savvy Superintendent

    Looking at Mavericks as One of Them by David E. Lee

    Having spent a decade as a superintendent, the author figured he would make an excellent school board member. Then he began to watch the cracks form in relationships, egged on by the Lone Rangers, Showstoppers and Secret Agents on the school more
    President's Corner

    Leading Schools for Global Literacy by Sarah D. Jerome

    International relationship-building is essential to achieving economic, political and intellectual harmony around the world. Educators’ role: help students become fluent in world languages, economics, geopolitics and world more
    Executive Perspective

    Snow Blind by Paul D. Houston

    Stuck on a paralyzed highway, AASA’s executive director learned the Zen teaching of being in the moment. Where do you go when you can’t go anywhere?read more
    Federal Dateline

    Raise Your Hand If You Care About Reauthorization by Mary Kusler

    Training for a marathon, not a sprint, in revamping the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. But at least show Washington you more