School Administrator, September 2015

“A robust portfolio should also account for all of the ‘non-cognitive’ traits that teachers have influence over. How do we demonstrate a teacher’s influence on student confidence? Perseverance? Grit? These dispositions or habits of the mind are equally important to student development and teacher accountability.”
From “Some Thoughts on Assessments, APPR and Student Growth” by Michael Nagler (superintendent, Mineola, N.Y.) on his blog Nagler’s Notions

“Once again we are looking at legislation pending before the NJ Assembly and Senate that is not thought through as to the impact and ultimate value for efficient operations of the public school districts. Perhaps that is not [the] goal; however, it will be the outcome.”
From “Ill-Conceived Legislation” by Louis J. Pepe (assistant superintendent for business, Summit, N.J.) on his blog The Business of Education

“I have a palpable memory of my tenth grade English teacher telling me that I would take AP the following year, that I did not have a choice in the matter. It was the first time I considered a more demanding route in school.”
From “Celebrating What Matters” by Charles Sampson (superintendent, Freehold Regional High School District, Englishtown, N.J.) on his superintendent’s blog

“I had to use a checklist, but I believe I have been in each teacher’s classroom at least once. (If I missed anyone please let me know and I will be in your room first next year.) … At first I would just write the teacher a positive note. After a while I started including an award and eventually I added the writing of these posts along with pictures of the people I observed.”
From “Ready to Begin Again” by Tony Habra (superintendent, Paw Paw, Mich.) on his superintendent’s blog

“People push back against social justice. People suggest to me that this is not what the district needs to focus on. Social justice is too political they say. Social justice draws attention away from the important work that we must do in helping students learn the curriculum. … I disagree.”
From “Will We Close Our Eyes?” by Steve Matthews (superintendent, Novi, Mich.) on his blog The Superintendent’s Chair