School Administrator, August 2015
“School rankings have received far less attention in recent years, but this year, they seem to have had a resurgence. In so many ways, we have moved to a post-standardized world in British Columbia, further differentiating ourselves from many U.S. jurisdictions. We live in a world of increasing personalized learning and one less reliant on ranking and sorting.”
From “Yet Another Post on School Rankings” by Chris Kennedy (superintendent, West Vancouver, British Columbia) on his blog Culture of Yes 


“The word normal actually means ‘conforming to a standard.’ While the ideal of normal does not sound flashy, it is the essence of why our nation is great and why, more than ever, we need an army of normal people.”
From “Embracing the Power of Being Normal” by Todd Freeman (superintendent, Sylacauga, Ala.) on his blog College, Career, Community


“… if you are experiencing ‘end of year stress’ — take the time to look at our students’ accomplishments. It will bring you back to your purpose of becoming an educator.”
From “Reflection Reminds us of Purpose” by Amy Griffin (superintendent, Cumberland County, Va.) on her eponymous blog


“When parents advise their children to refuse all testing or to opt out of parts of the curriculum, it puts the child in a difficult position. Students are actually insubordinate if they refuse to participate in all testing or in our use of the instructional program … .”
From “Parents & Opting Children Out of Public Education” by Kimberly Moritz (superintendent, Randolph, N.Y.) on her Education Blog


“Years from now, our students may forget what we have said, but they will not forget the way we make them feel. Our students carry forward the impressions left by educators with them for a lifetime.”
From “Teacher Appreciation Week” by Cynthia Lane (superintendent, Kansas City, Kan.) on her blog It’s Up to Us