Performance Measures in Contracts

School Administrator, August 2015

State of the Supe - Aug2While high-stakes performance evaluation of education personnel has generated significant news media attention, fewer than half of the superintendents responding to a 2014 AASA study indicated their employment agreement with the board of education included details about an evaluation process, measures and indicators.
While the high-stakes accountability movement grows, the percentage of superintendents reporting contracts with evaluation measures actually decreased by 4.6 percentage points from 2013-14 to 2014-15. One could speculate that superintendents and boards exhibit increased reluctance to include high-stakes assessment language in contracts.

Source: "2014 AASA Superintendents Salary and Benefits Study" published by AASA. Analysis was constructed by Leslie A. Finnan, Robert S. McCord, Christopher C. Stream, George G. Petersen and Noelle M. Ellerson. The full study is available at