AASA Members Blog About the 150th Anniversary

As a part of AASA’s 150th anniversary celebration, superintendents are submitting blog posts discussing what this momentous occasion means to them as well as the importance of being a member of the nation’s premier organization for school district leaders. 

Matt Montgomery


Blog by Matt Montgomery, Superintendent, Waterloo Local School District  

For 150 years, this great organization has brought together groups of thought leaders who have helped change the face of public education through dialogue at the national level. AASA has given my district, and other small school districts like mine, opportunities to broaden academic capabilities and achievement. That’s one of the reasons why I am so proud to be a member. Read blog here.

Dr. Marc Jackson


Blog by Marc S. Jackson, Superintendent, Port Angeles School District  

A century and one-half of AASA indicates to me the success of an organization that has done a very good job representing education in the U.S. Throughout our nation's history, Americans have always had a deep appreciation for learning. They have made it a civil right. AASA has been a champion for that cause by keeping education in the forefront of our nation. This organization has been there to lead the charge. Read blog here.

Wilbanks 2  

Blog by J. Alvin Wilbanks, Superintendent and CEO, Gwinnett County Public Schools  

No organization is sustainable unless it adequately serves its members. AASA has been at the forefront of public education for a century-and-a-half, serving public education, those of us in administrative roles and most of all, our students. Read blog here.

Alton Frailey  

Blog by Alton L. Frailey, Superintendent, Katy Independent School District  

The historic gathering that ultimately formed AASA happened in 1865. This was at a time that marked a very critical period in our history. This was also a time that put this country on a much better path toward overall development. Read blog here.

Wanda Shelton Headshot


Blog by Wanda Shelton, Superintendent, Lincoln County Schools  

AASA has been coming together for public education and helping superintendents support each other. Read blog here.

Wanda Shelton Headshot  

Blog by James P. Capolupo, Superintendent, Springfield School District  

AASA is the bedrock. It was, is and will be our way to connect on behalf of superintendents, as well as those aspiring to become superintendents. Read blog here.


Michael Magone Headshot


Blog by Michael Magone, Superintendent, Lolo School District, Mont.  

AASA’s anniversary celebration tells me that for 150 years, superintendents have been collaborating and working together on behalf of educating all of our children. Read blog here.

Jeff Zander Headshot  

Blog by Jeff Zander, Superintendent, Elko County School District  

AASA’s 150 anniversary reflects the importance of having an organization that allows superintendents to collaborate and communicate with each other. Read blog here.