The School Administrator


August 2008 Number 7, Vol. 65The Ingredients for LeadershipThe right mix for bringing core beliefs and actions into sync


  • Seeking Wholeness in Leadership

    by Rebecca van der Bogert

    Through the years, a veteran school leader discovers it doesn’t take magic to bring everything in sync — one’s core values, beliefs and behaviors. Rather, she says, it involves “getting to know myself, learning how to care for myself and developing the resources that help me be whole in difficult situations.”

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  • Feeding the Superintendent's Mind, Body, Spirit

    by Judith A. Palmer

    The leader’s attention to personal wellness influences an organization’s effectiveness, according to a Connecticut superintendent, who shares her formula for finding harmony.

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  • The Ingredients for Good Leadership

    by James E. Lukaszewski

    Every school leader asks himself or herself: How can I effectively move the organization forward in some way every day? Crucial leadership behaviors move processes and people forward, and the author spells out a formula that can be especially useful for superintendents and principals.

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  • Grow Your Own Leaders

    by Sandra R. Lindsay

    It’s a familiar scenario: Too few quality administrators are ready to fill vacancies created by growth, retirement or the stress of high-stakes leadership. A consortium of school districts in South Carolina acted jointly on their predicament to create a pipeline that promises to maintain an ongoing flow of solid candidates.

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  • Educationese Forever!

    by Ron Dietel

    The lingo spoken, written and understood only by educators is in grave danger. As president of the National Society For Saving Educationese and Very Long Education Phrases and Acronyms, the author recently had to add some of his favorites onto the Endangered Educationese List.

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    Blending School Skills With Business Acumen by Jay P. Goldman

    After 25 years in superintendencies and four years in the corporate world, Daniel Domenech has assumed the AASA executive director’s post.

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    Board-Savvy Superintendent

    Spicing Up the Government Stew by Doug Eadie

    Thoughts on making the school board’s routine work more interesting and even a little easier. Superintendents can ensure the less dramatic, day-to-day governing tasks are energizing rather than ho-hum.

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    Guest Columns

    10 Attitudes of Effective 21st Century Leaders by Jane L. Sigford and Robert J. Ostlund

    Seeing change as a fractal and joy in small things are among the columnists’ notions on what it takes to be a leader in a global society.

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    Always Know the Answer Before Asking the Question by Michael Smith

    When a school leader says something intelligent, it is quickly forgotten. But when you say something slightly ignorant, everyone remembers it. This Illinois superintendent recalls one unforgettable foot-in-mouth situation.

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    Executive Perspective

    Making the Most of an American Opportunity by Daniel A. Domenech

    AASA’s new executive director remembers the thrill of walking out on the big stage at the AASA national conference 10 years ago in his role as president. He recalls: “I had reason to be proud, and at that moment I looked at the audience and said, ‘What a country, this America!’”

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    Tech Leadership

    A Personal Evaluation of Integration by Lane B. Mills

    Developing your own informal method for assessing the usage of technology in your schools can help you know if the school district’s investments in hardware, software, personnel and professional development are really paying dividends.

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    President's Corner

    We Are Here! We Are Here! by Randall H. Collins

    In Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who!, the people of Whoville are heard and saved because they speak with one strong voice. AASA’s new president sees a connection for colleagues in his first monthly column.

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    Systems Thinking

    Creating Shared Leadership That Works by Jerry D. Weast

    Investing in the capacity of people makes lasting and positive change possible and produces excellent student results, says the superintendent of the Montgomery County, Md., Public Schools.

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    The latest round of professional moves in the AASA membership ranks includes promotions as well as retirements.

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