Best of the Blogs

School Administrator, May 2015

 “ … I actually created my own math theorem known as ‘Brown’s Theorem.’ Not to geek out too much, but I was able to prove how you can inscribe an equilateral triangle into a regular hexagon. True rock star material. I was not asked to sign any autographs, but it was exciting to contribute to the field of mathematics, and I have never forgotten that feeling.”
From “B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L” by Chris Brown (superintendent, West Genesee Schools, Camillus, N.Y.) on his blog Notes From the Superintendent

“Thirteen months ago I committed to healthier, clean eating diet with almost daily exercise, and lost 25 lbs. in five months. I achieved my goal of reducing my cholesterol level without taking statins. Now one year later, I’ve maintained my weight and learned that I CAN eat cookies again — I just need to exercise and eat clean most of the week.”
From “The Dust Settles” by Staci Kaufman (superintendent, Vantage Career Center, Van Wert, Ohio) on her blog Today Matters

“We are not destined for new schools in West Vancouver anytime soon but the rethink of the library has been both a symbolic and concrete shift in how we think about space and how we think about learning.”
From “The Learning Commons Mindset” by Chris Kennedy (superintendent, West Vancouver, British Columbia) on his blog Culture of Yes

“Recently, [our district] has been under attack for replacing a 50-year-old piano, one that was used every day in instruction. Our critics contend that we are wasting taxpayer money. … Someone watching all of this grandstanding from afar, might interpret this to mean, stop buying pianos for schools and the state revenue shortfall will be solved!”
From “The Piano” by Cynthia Lane (superintendent, Kansas City, Kan.) on her blog It’s Up to Us

“… I have heard from many of our families that the amount of paperwork they fill out at back to school conferences is exhausting. This year, we have started studying various ways to eliminate some of the paperwork families are asked to complete.”
From “A Path to Eliminating Paperwork for our Families” by Bill Adams (superintendent, Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton Public Schools, Janesville, Minn.), on his blog Sup’s Slants