State of the Superintendency

Gender and Longevity

 School Administrator, May 2015

Almost two-thirds of superintendents indicate they have served in their present position for five years or less.State of the Supe
Males are favored as longevity increases. Females are under-represented overall in the superintendent ranks although some progress has taken place.
The AASA-sponsored “Study of the American School Superintendency,” a decennial study, documents the incremental increase in females entering the superintendency. The 2010 update clearly showed the aging of male superintendents as a group and the significantly greater experience of females superintendents as classroom teachers and principals prior to entering the superintendency. Accordingly, females enter the superintendent ranks later in their career.

Source: "2014 AASA Superintendents Salary and Benefits Study" published by AASA. Analysis was constructed by Leslie A. Finnan, Robert S. McCord, Christopher C. Stream, George G. Petersen and Noelle M. Ellerson. The full study is available at