Best of the Blogs

“When is a reasonable time for students to begin service learning? … [O]ne would think that such activities are best reserved for adolescents and youth. However, it is my contention that all students should be involved in service learning — the sooner the better. Never mind the benefits of deeper learning as a consequence of the various projects they undertake.”

From “In the Company of Elders” by Kevin Godden (superintendent, Abbotsford, British Columbia) on his blog The Triumph of Teamwork


“What do you say to a young child bounced from a single mother to a grandmother and eventually to a foster home? A child who gave his own food to a younger brother so he wouldn’t go hungry at night and then learned to hoard other children’s food during the day to assuage his own hunger? What do you do next when no response you make seems to impact a child’s behavior?”

From “On Patience and Empathy” by Pamela Moran (superintendent, Albemarle County, Va.) on her blog A Space for Learning


“How can a leader keep climbing? How do others know you care more about them and less about you? Are there times when you need to consider your needs?”

From “Attitude 101” by Kevin Hub (superintendent, Logan County, Ky.) on his blog Leadership Matters


“And the debate has become so heated that some teachers and even some superintendents are refusing to administer assessments tied to the standards. That’s entirely the wrong direction for our schools and, most important, for our kids. And it’s just too simplistic.”

From “Why We Test” by Kimberly Moritz (superintendent, Randolph, N.Y.) on her blog G-town Talks 2.0


“It is the messiness and uncertainty that makes change so profoundly unsettling and yes, downright uncomfortable. We usually interpret this discomfort as a sign that we are doing something wrong or that perhaps, we should retreat. Part of this skewed sense of perspective lies in our expectations about the process.”

From “If We’re Not Squirming, We’re Not Learning” byJennie Snyder (superintendent, Piner-Olivet Union School District, Santa Rosa, Calif.) on her blog Jennie’s Blog