State of the Superintendency

InfographicDistrict-Paid Dues

Since the inception of the AASA salary and benefits studies, superintendents have indicated that their school districts overwhelmingly provide support to the superintendent for professional memberships, regardless of the size of the school district.

The support for member dues is somewhat less robust but decidedly positive for memberships in national professional organizations.

This level of affirmative response suggests that boards of education see a value-added benefit for their superintendent to be actively involved in a professional organization. In evidence of this support, 86 percent of superintendents indicate their district pays for professional conference attendance.

Source of Data: “2014 AASA Superintendents Salary and Benefits Study” published by AASA. Analysis was constructed by Leslie A. Finnan, Robert S. McCord, Christopher C. Stream, George G. Petersen and Noelle M. Ellerson. The full study is available at