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Wayne Young’s Legal Brief column on outrageous adult behavior at school sports events brought me back in time to one of my first professional reporting assignments 40 years ago. As a high school junior, I was an after-school sports correspondent for my daily hometown newspaper in Auburn, N.Y. One afternoon, I witnessed an out-of-control adult (he was a prominent local barber) being banished from the sidelines of a varsity boys soccer match because of his unruly and disruptive baiting of every call made by the referee.

Unfortunately, even worse behavior today, often exhibited by parents of athletes, is no longer uncommon at interscholastic sports events. That makes Young’s practical guidance, in his column “Can Parents Be ‘Expelled’ for Bad Behavior?” worth digesting.

Young serves as legal counsel for the Kentucky Association of School Administrators, where he’s also the executive director. We have benefited richly from his real-world Legal Brief contributions over the past several years as part of a rotating lineup of attorney contributors to this section. We hope you’ve found them informative and applicable, too. We would welcome your suggestions for legal matters relating to the superintendency or the school system that might be ripe for our attention in the future.

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