27 Leaders Take Bow as First to Earn National Superintendent Certification

Superintendents are accustomed to being on the stage during graduation season at their communities’ high schools to dole out the congratulations. At AASA’s national conference on Thursday, 26 of them plus one deputy superintendent walked across the stage to accept applause for their own graduation.

The first cohort of school system leaders completed their studies this week in San Diego as participants in AASA’s National Superintendent Certification program.

Each completed 14 days of in-person instruction from current superintendents with track records of success, intra-session work, simulations and business management training and ongoing mentorship and coaching from experienced AASA member superintendents, all of whom have a demonstrated track record of success.

“Being a superintendent is one of the most difficult and complex jobs in America,” AASA Executive Director Dan Domenech said from the 1st General Session stage. “The political and economic pressures of the job are exacerbated by growing intrusion into local control and a prevailing attitude that educators do not have the solutions and indeed are part of the problem.”

AASA partnered with a leadership development organization, The SUPES Academy, to create the AASA National Superintendent Certification Program.

This two-year program launched in the summer of 2013 and focuses on sharpening the skills that successful superintendents acknowledge are needed to thrive on the job. 

The new certification holders are Bruce Beasley, Rupi Boyd, Michael Bregy, Joseph Davis, Bryan Davis, Jose Espinoza, Lupita Hightower, Deputy Superintendent John Jungmann, Samuel T. King, John Kopicki, Jerry Lewis, Mark Matuska, Nathan McCann, Demond A. Means, Meredith Nadeau, Deena Paramo, Blake Peuse, Erin Prince, Mary Randall, Martin E. Ringstaff, Summer E. Stephens, Jeffrey D. Thake, Johnnie Thomas, Lillian M. Torrez, Manuel O. Valenzuela, Robert Watson and Matthew A. Wendt.