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ALEC’s Attack

Re Bill Graves’ article "Pushing Back the ALEC Agenda" (September 2014): Supporters of public K-12 education in South Carolina have been fighting private school voucher efforts funded by out-of-state power groups for more than 10 years.

One of the biggest concerns is that funds to pay for vouchers would reduce funding for K-12, without any offsetting declines in costs to school districts.

Last summer, a group called Education Action Group, based in Muskegon, Mich., and appearing to operate like ALEC, sent freedom of information requests to several large school districts in the state seeking a wide range of school expenditure data.

Harry W. Miley Jr.
Chief Financial Officer,
Richland School District 2,
Columbia, S.C.

Sharing Fiscal Impact

Congratulations to Barbara Hickman for writing “Stating Our Fiscal Impact” (September 2014), explaining the financial importance a school district has on a community. I certainly hope her community understands how public education enhances the financial life cycle of Flagstaff.

Just as her district was seeking continuation of a budget override election, our district was doing as well. Hickman’s findings gave me new talking points as I communicated the importance of our district’s override and its long-term fiscal impact on our community.

Jim Rice
Interim Superintendent,
Union Elementary School District,
Phoenix, Ariz.


Refreshing Candor

Lloyd Snow’s candor in “Politics, Public Policy and Persimmons (June 2014) was refreshing in that he squarely identifies what is occurring nationwide. Educators and parents need to look to the grassroots effort that is starting in Oklahoma and expand that across the nation to combat the gross misrepresentations of public education. We must elevate public school parents’ voices to change the conversation.

Randy Poe
Boone County Schools,
Florence, Ky.

As I read about the anti-education forces at work in Lloyd Snow’s home state of Oklahoma, I actually found myself wondering if he was writing about Florida instead, with its strikingly comparable negative anti-education forces. The similarities between the two states politically in this regard is dramatic and most unfortunate for the futures of the boys and girls of these two states and their communities.


Pamela Saylor Lannon
Education Consultant,
Saylor Lannon Associates,
Fort Pierce, Fla.


Copying His Good Idea

I loved William Clark’s My View column “Walking in Others’ Shoes” in your September issue. I'm going to copy his lead! His concept of the "not-so-undercover boss" will go into effect in my school district this year. I just hope I don't draw the shop teacher's number.

Eric C. Eshbach
Northern York County School District,
Dillsburg, Pa.


In-School Penalty Box

I appreciated Kimberly Moritz’s views on in-school suspension in her My View column “The Penalty Box for Our Students” (May 2014). The school must be recognized and a community. Only the worst kinds of behavior gets a person removed from the community. The goal is to become and remain a part.

I appreciated Kimberly Moritz’s views on in-school suspension in her My View column The school must be recognized and a community. Only the worst kinds of behavior gets a person removed from the community. The goal is to become and remain a part.

John Hines
Supervisor of Curriculum Instruction and Assessment/Title 1 Services,
Conneaut School District
Linesville, Pa.


Public School Evidence

Your recent article “Standing Up for Public Education” (September 2014) by John Kuhn illustrated why it is so important to provide evidence that our public schools work. Kuhn’s courage to provide evidence was commendable. Every superintendent has a tipping point that is a call to action.

My tipping point was hearing our local Michigan legislators bash all public schools and constantly stating they were not working. This was coupled with a daily drip from the Mackinac Center blog MichCapCon that had something negative about public schools at least three times a week.

Much like the courage of Kuhn, three years ago we began sending the Michigan governor and tate legislators, as well as their aides, qualitative and quantitative evidence that our public schools are working. We then copy all of our staff, opinion leaders, parent distribution lists, media and others who have asked to be included. We have sent more than 300 pieces of evidence over the past several years.

Additionally, we place the letters on Facebook (Mike Paskewicz) and my blog (mikesblog.nvps.net) and reference them on Twitter (@DrPaskewicz). We instituted a School News Network (schoolnewsnetwork.org) in the Kent Intermediate School District that provides evidence showing all 20 of our member school districts work for students. We have hired reporters to share true stories about public schools. I encourage readers to visit the website.

John Kuhn’s courage is motivating. He is not alone in standing up for our public schools.

Mike Paskewicz
Northview Public Schools,
Grand Rapids, Mich.

*Correction: An incorrect website address for the ALEC Toolbox developed by AASA ran with the Executive Perspective column in October 2014. The correct URL is http://aasa.org/alec.aspx


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