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Teaching on the Education Frontier:

Instructional Strategies for Online and Blended Classrooms

by Kristin Kipp, Jossey-Bass, San Francisco, Calif., 2013, 228 pp. with index, $29.95 softcover

Review - Teaching on the Education Frontier 
Teaching on the Education Frontier is a resource for teachers and supervisors of online classes. Author Kristin Kipp provides several techniques for customized teaching that suits diverse learning styles and ability levels. She focuses on instructional techniques that lend themselves to online learning, but the text could benefit from the inclusion of techniques grounded in broader instructional strategies such as problem-based, team-based, project-based or cooperative learning.

The author poses techniques for providing personalized feedback on student assignments, including the use of canned comments for frequent mistakes. She also provides time management advice for teachers who wish to balance their time on the computer with other professional and personal tasks while still providing timely, regular and continuous student feedback.

Kipp’s techniques may be most useful for special-needs teachers who use blended instructional practices and wish to provide their students with accommodations required for individualized education programs.

Reviewed by Ronald A. Styron Jr., professor and director, Quality Enhancement Plan, Academic Affairs, University of South Alabama, Mobile, Ala.


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