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The Broken Compass: Parental Involvement With Children’s Education

by Keith Robinson and Angel L. Harris, Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Mass., 2014, 322 pp. with index, $45 hardcover

Review - The Broken Compass 
The Broken Compass presents a dialogue about parental involvement, which may prompt superintendents and other educators to re-evaluate their perspectives on the connection between parental involvement and student academic achievement.

Authors Keith Robinson and Angel Harris use a stage-setting metaphor in which pupils are given background knowledge that provides a frame of reference for understanding classroom lessons. Combining ample text and statistics, the book portrays parental involvement as multi-faceted; differing between races, genders and ages.

The connection of the book’s title to its subject matter is not immediately clear, but perhaps that is the authors’ intention. The cause and effect between parental involvement and academic achievement is not always recognized. Parents, educators, researchers and policymakers can use the lessons of this text to promote a change of course and help navigate new territory.

Reviewed by Hope Blecher, supervisor, North Plainfield School District, Somerset County, N.J.



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