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The Wise Leader: Doing the Right Things for the Right Reasons

by Paul D. Houston and Stephen L. Sokolow, iUniverse, Bloomington, Ind., 2013, 258 pp., $22.95 softcover

 Review - Wise Leader
As most professionals know, experience is a powerful source of wisdom. In The Wise Leader, Paul Houston, a former executive director of AASA, and Steve Sokolow, a retired superintendent, draw on their decades of experience in education leadership to offer 18 principles for spiritual, professional and personal guidance.

Their principles are rooted in integrity, trust and respect, and they offer a foundation for successful leadership in all dimensions of life for educators engaged in creating a future that extends beyond their own.

The authors, founding partners of the Center for Empowered Leadership, offer principles that build confidence and inspire trust in the leadership of superintendents and other administrators. They encourage the reader to value living things; sustain physical, mental and emotional balance; build trust; and “walk the talk,” providing results-oriented advice for how leaders should think, speak and act.

The pair notes that “one of the most precious gifts people can give others is their trust,” which is built and magnified throughout the organization when “wise leaders have integrity” and “say what they mean and do what they say.”

Houston and Sokolow served their profession and their communities with wisdom and care. In this book, they share both the pain and joy associated with their journey so that others may learn, grow and follow in their footsteps.

Reviewed by Brian L. Benzel, adjunct faculty, Whitworth University, Spokane, Wash.


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