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The National Center on Time & Learning is a nonprofit that conducts research, provides technical assistance and supports national, state and local initiatives that add significantly more school time for academic and enrichment opportunities.

Some of the organization’s informational resources of practical value at the district level are:

“The Case for Improving and Expanding Time in School,” which summarizes research exploring the effect of more time on student growth, as well as the studies on using teacher time to boost student outcomes.

“Financing Expanded Learning Time in Schools: A Look at Expanded Time in Five District Schools,” which details how five districts leveraged federal, state and local funding to support additional time and optimize the impact on learning.

“Time for Teachers: Leveraging Expanded Time to Strengthen Instruction and Empower Teachers,” which examines 17 fast-improving schools using expanded school schedules. Six practices are described and analyzed.

“Time Well Spent: Eight Powerful Practices of Successful, Expanded-Time Schools,” which offers an in-depth examination of 30 expanded-time schools serving high-poverty populations with records of student success and demonstrates how these schools leverage their additional time.

All reports are accessible at www.timeandlearning.org.


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