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Hindsight: Lessons Learned From the Joplin Tornado and Other Crisis Events

by Zac Rantz with Stephen Kleinsmith, self-published, 2013, 166 pp., $16 softcover

Zac Rantz and Stephen Kleinsmith serve, respectively, as director of communications and superintendent of the Nixa Public Schools in Missouri. In <I>Hindsight,<I> the pair detail how communications was handled for the neighboring Joplin, Mo. school district in the aftermath of the devastating May 2011 tornado.

Rantz and his communications colleagues went to Joplin after the tornado to help the heavily damaged school district. His account of the team’s efforts and what was learned is valuable for school administrators who must prepare for disasters in their own school districts.

After a disaster, every student, parent, community member and member of the news media will demand information. The post-disaster communication plan should ask all possible questions and provide answers in advance for how to deal with a crisis, should it come.

Every page of this book offers wisdom for administrators dealing with a devastating school district disaster.

The authors, who received an annual award from AASA in the past year for their joint communication work, make a strong case for the necessity of a communications plan in times of crisis and give insights and recommendations for developing and implementing such a plan.

Reviewed by Darroll Hargraves, consultant, School and Community Resources, Wasilla, Alaska

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