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Retelling the AASA Story

You’re reading a special issue of our magazine about a special organization. It’s the occasion of the 150th anniversary of AASA’s founding as a leading professional group serving the interests of those responsible locally for overseeing America’s public schools.

This expanded issue of School Administrator largely is devoted to marking that momentous anniversary. The rich contents in this 80-page issue capture some of the major themes important to the association — its stances on the pressing matters of the day, its array of vital leadership training opportunities and its distinctive role in influencing federal policies and funding for K-12 education. This publication is not a comprehensive historical record, so we will ask for forbearance from those longtime members and association staff across the years who might feel a slight about our failure to mention a special event, distinctive accomplishment or noteworthy individual.

When we began our preparations on this issue, we were eager to establish exactly where AASA, with its founding in 1865, ranked among the country’s oldest professional groups. Relying on the Encyclopedia of Associations as our definitive source, we found our association tied for 55th place (along with the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers, the Lutheran Fraternities of America and the Salvation Army).

The final product bears the imprint of a small group of dedicated hands and minds. My fellow editor at School Administrator, Liz Griffin, managed all the nitty-gritty of the overall production with her customary attention to detail. She and Sherri Montgomery, executive assistant to AASA’s executive director, put in some exhaustive work combing through thousands of historical photos and other archival material. The magazine’s editorial associate, Kristin Hubing, contributed careful proofreading in the final stages.

A pair of experienced freelancers, Glenn Cook and Marian Kisch, handled the research and writing on most of the longer articles, supplementing a few staff-written pieces. Membership director C.J. Reid contributed one of those.

And a final note of gratitude to the many dozens of individuals connected in some manner to AASA over the years who patiently answered our questions as we, at times, literally scampered through the dusty archives of this association’s glorious past.


Jay P. Goldman
Editor, School Administrator
Voice: 703-875-0745
E-mail: jgoldman@aasa.org
TWITTER: @jpgoldman


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