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Our Sources of AASA History

The writers who contributed the various articles about AASA’s 150th anniversary of its founding in this special issue of School Administrator consulted an array of documents from the AASA archives, in addition to interviewing dozens of individuals who had a role in the association’s past and present.
This is a compilation of the print and electronic resources used in the editorial preparation and for the photo research.

“AASA: The Centennial Story, 1865-1965” by Arthur H. Rice
AASA Annual Reports, 1970-2014
AASA Executive Committee Flash Reports, 1978-1999
AASA Operations Updates, 1979-1987

AASA Annual Yearbooks, 1937-1960
A Forward Thrust, published by AASA Commission on State Associations of School Administrators, 1968
A History of the Association of State Executives and the Career Paths of State Execs, by Jane Ann McDonald, 1987

AASA Conventioneer, 1978-1994
Convention Reporter, 1967-1984
Conference Daily, 1995-2008
Conference Daily Online, 2009-2014
School Administrator magazine, 2013-2015
The School Administrator, 1943-2012

AASA Bylaws, 1974-2002
AASA Executive Committee minutes, 1970-1975
AASA Resolutions, 1959-2003
“A Synopsis of AASA Resolutions, 1992 to 2004”
Partners’ Program booklets, 1980-2002
Photo archives, 1958-1968, 2005-2014

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