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The Montgomery County Public Schools’ Cybercivility Task Force continued its work late into the fall to develop products and proposed new rules likely to be folded into an overall district plan or used as the basis of related district projects.

The products were expected to include:

A script for a public service announcement demonstrating the negative and lasting impact of poor online behavior, particularly related to social networking;

Plans for schoolwide assemblies that would feature victims of cyberbullying and experts on combatting the problem;

A sample online reporting device to inform school officials about cyberbullying incidents;

Suggestions for language updates and additions to existing school policies relating to computer use and cyberbullying;

Plans for a poster contest to encourage appropriate online social media behavior; and

Suggestions for PTSA meetings focusing on cybercivility.

Other online resources recommended by the task force include: Common Sense Media (www.common​sense​media.org), StopBullying (www.stopbullying.gov) and NetSmartz (www.netsmartz.org).

You can find the completed work of the cybercivility task force at www.​montgomery​schools​md.​org/cybercivility.

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