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Defining Cybercivility

Here’s how the Montgomery County, Md., Public Schools defined cybercivility: “Using social media and other digital tools in a responsible, respectful manner that allows individuals to communicate freely and share ideas without the threat of intimidation, harassment or abuse.”

The school district’s task force elaborated on this definition, describing cybercivility as:

· Participating in online interaction and sharing information in a safe and respectful manner without fear or threat.

· Cybercivility is where people can freely participate with technology without feelings of harassment, lies or unwanted abuse.

· To engage positively in the use of digital media in a manner that is responsible, respectful, non-threatening and constructive.

· Effectively communicating in the digital world in a manner that makes individuals feel safe, respected and free from the threat of estrangement.

· A culture of respectful, inclusive and responsible online behavior that promotes a healthy exchange of ideas and fosters a positive impact.


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