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Catalog of 21 Trends


Whether we realize it or not, all of these trends have implications for K-12 education, and education has implications for every one of the trends below. Twenty-One Trends for the 21st Century by Gary Marx devotes a chapter to each of these forces, including possible implications for education and the whole of society.

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Demographic sphere: Generations, Diversity and Aging.

Technology sphere: Technology, Identity and Privacy.

Economic sphere: The Economy, Jobs and Careers.

Energy and Environment sphere: Energy, Environmental and Planetary Security and Sustainability.

International/Global sphere: International/Global Trends.

Education and Learning sphere: Personalization, Ingenuity, Depth, Breadth and Purposes of Education.

Public and Personal Leadership sphere: Polarization, Authority, Ethics and Continuous Improvement.

Well-Being sphere: Poverty, Scarcity versus Abundance, Personal Meaning and Work-Life Balance. 

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