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Looking Back With Admiration

Perhaps it’s odd to begin a theme issue about the future by looking backwards. But that seems fully appropriate in this case.

The inspiration behind this month’s theme is Gary Marx, whose latest book, Twenty-One Trends for the 21st Century, served as the basis of the essays we commissioned by educators and other experts on eight of the trends discussed in detail in his newly published work. Many of you may recall Marx led the communications department at AASA over two decades, beginning in 1979, during which time he boosted the profile of the association and its important work to new heights. One major accomplishment: Marx transformed School Administrator from newsletter to full-color magazine.

(Personal admission: He was responsible for hiring me as an editor at AASA’s magazine exactly 25 years ago — for which I remain grateful.)

In his capacity now running the Center for Public Outreach consultancy, Marx continues to play a leadership role in promoting the values of public education, additionally serving this year as president of the Horace Mann League.

His lead-off piece, “Future-Focused Leadership,” will lend a context for the essays on the major trends affecting educators, schools, students and communities. As always, I’d welcome feedback about this coverage from our readers.

Jay P. Goldman, Editor
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