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AASA’s Vigilance on the ALEC Front

AASA is keeping a close eye on ALEC and similar groups whose legislative efforts would threaten public education.

Over the last year, AASA’s public policy team fielded an ever-increasing number of inquiries related to strategies for opposing ALEC-like legislation. While AASA’s policy team does not weigh in on state policy or take positions on specific state bills, we can provide resources to support AASA members in their advocacy work at the state level.

To that end, the policy staff will provide topic-specific toolkits that give AASA members the communications and advocacy information they need to advocate effectively against legislation that threatens schools. The toolkits include talking points, background information, frequently asked questions, sample letters to the editor, draft community messaging and more.

In addition, AASA’s Leading Edge blog (http://aasa.org/aasaBlog.aspx) provides school system leaders with updates on ALEC and resources developed by AASA’s policy and advocacy team. Some AASA resources on ALEC include:

Noelle Ellerson is associate executive director for policy and advocacy at AASA. E-mail: nellerson@aasa.org. Twitter: @Noellerson