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Joining a Global Network

All schools participating in the OECD Test for Schools are eligible to become members of the Global Learning Network sponsored by America Achieves, a Washington-based organization committed to raising this country’s standing in the global education sphere.

The Global Learning Network provides school and district leaders with the peer support and strategically selected tools and resources to make concrete, practical changes that are responsive to their results and lead to more students meeting a higher bar.

The network examines best practices to provide educators with concrete examples of what is working in high-performing schools and school systems around the globe. Network members can participate in periodic webinars as well as an annual conference to support the work of school and district teams.

The first convening of the schools participating in the pilot resulted in great discussions and strategy sharing across districts. Curricular ideas were shared, new instructional strategies were traded, and those participating are ready to delve into this year’s reconvening of the Global Learning Network to see whether there were changes in results attributable to plans developed over a year ago.

More details can be found at www.americaachieves.org/oecd.



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