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A Modeling Role

Barbara Hickman had already begun to think about finding a clearer and improved way to demonstrate factually to her community the economic worth being generated by the public school district she leads in Flagstaff, Ariz.

Then she came across an article in the June 2012 issue of School Administrator on the very same topic by a fellow superintendent, James Merrill, then overseeing the Virginia Beach, Va., school system. He had hired an outside researcher to quantify the positive financial impact of high school graduates on the community.

“Reading that article,” Hickman told me recently, “while it did not introduce me to the idea, did help me refine it so that I knew what I was asking for. It also gave me some courage to do it because it could come across as somewhat aggressive. It helped to read that other superintendents had done this and that the community was receptive.”

A professional magazine, such as ours that serves front-line public leadership, ought to be in the business of regularly inspiring readers to act in the same bold manner as Hickman. (Her article is “Stating Our Fiscal Impact.” Through informative, detailed accounts by those most in the know, we try to serve that function in each issue.

I always appreciate hearing from our readers who feel we’ve succeeded.


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