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A School Board Guide to Leading Successful Schools
Focusing on Learning 

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by Stephanie Hirsh and Anne Foster, Corwin, Thousand Oaks, Calif., 2013, 227 pp., $36.95 softcover

Superintendents are always concerned when new board members are elected. What will be their agenda? What are their pet programs? What alliances will they form? Who are they out to protect or target?

Typically, school districts have policies that outline procedures to educate and mentor new board members. Providing new members with key contracts, state board publications and policies is a critical first step, but A School Board Guide to Leading identifies an even more important tool: someone who acts as a lifeline to contact when a new board member has a question. It could be another board member or the superintendent.

Authors Stephanie Hirsh and Anne Foster are qualified to pen such advice as both have strong backgrounds in educational leadership, serving on the Richardson Independent School District’s board of trustees in Texas and holding positions as executive directors of two national education advocacy organizations.

Each chapter centers on a common issue encountered in school district operations. The authors identify the main issue that needs addressing and present their perspectives, along with references and creative activities for better understanding and action.

Reviewed by William A. Clark, superintendent, Warren County School District, Warren, Pa.

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