AASA Supports FCC Vote to Modernize E-Rate

James Minichello

Alexandria, Va. – July 11, 2014 – Daniel A. Domenech, executive director of AASA, The School Superintendents Association, issued the following statement today in response to the Federal Communications Commission’s vote to modernize E-Rate, a program that provides schools and libraries with discounts that support affordable telecommunications and Internet connectivity.

“AASA is deeply appreciative of the thoughtful leadership on the part of the FCC regarding today’s vote on E-Rate modernization. FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel remains a tireless E-Rate advocate, proving an invaluable resource to the beneficiary and broader E-Rate community.

“AASA applauds the proposal’s focus on preserving the key elements of the E-Rate program, allocating resources to the neediest of communities and prioritizing basic connectivity. We applaud the call for a new order to raise the E-Rate funding cap, something we have long advocated for and stand ready to work with FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, the Commission, Congress and the Administration to make it a reality.

“Today’s vote is an illustration in compromise, delivering an E-Rate modernization that ensures our nation’s schools and libraries will continue to be able to provide our students access to the internet. In an increasingly global world, where connectivity is in our hands, the vitality and preservation of E-Rate is an absolute necessity.

“Commissioner Rosenworcel and her colleagues ensured that E-Rate will continue to provide for connectivity needs. We look forward to working with the FCC to raise the E-Rate cap and welcome the opportunity to see how the Wi-Fi test plays out. This vote provides for the neediest of schools, those who have yet to realize the full potential of E-Rate funding while continuing to expand not only who is connected, but how they are connected.

“AASA thanks Chairman Wheeler, the Commissioners, and the FCC and Wireline staff for their willingness to engage in meaningful conversation throughout the modernization process.”


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