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Perceptions of Economic Status





Asked to offer their analysis of the economic condition of their school district, the response from nearly 2,400 superintendents nationwide in an AASA survey was sobering. About 49 percent of the superintendents indicated the economic status of their schools was declining. Only 6 percent described their district to be in a strong economic state.

When the findings were disaggregated by district enrollment across all those responding, the larger the district enrollment served, the stronger the perceived economic condition of the district. One is inevitably reminded of the economic challenges facing many districts in the country — though conditions appear to be particularly stark in the districts with the smallest enrollments.

Source of Data: “2013 Superintendents Salary and Benefits Study” published by AASA. Analysis by Robert S. McCord, Christopher C. Stream, Noelle M. Ellerson and Leslie A. Finnan. Full study available at www.aasa.org.

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