The Leading Mobile App Provider for School Districts


Phone: 801.373.9669
Contact: Frank Ciraci, Senior Vice President, 818.917.2333

The app, branded with the district logo and colors, provides:

  • Instant access to the user’s choice of news, sports scores, and calendars;
  • Students and parents access to assignments, grades, attendance, library fees and cafeteria balances, helping them stay on top of classroom progress with grade threshold alerts;
  • All automatically translated into over 50 Languages.

In addition, ParentLink’s innovative company culture has resulted in other proven products and services including:

  • Two-way Parent-Teacher communication that has saved teachers hours of work per week;
  • And attendance communication tools which have contributed to increased budgets at school districts in states that provide funding based on student attendance.

For over 20 years, and with thousands of school district partnerships, ParentLink’s mission has been creating educational communities where students succeed.