Abington School District’s 'Educating with STEAM' Featured on Life to the Max Show

For Immediate Release
May 7, 2014

The STEAM programs, different than traditional STEM programs, have had tremendous success in motivating, encouraging, and educating young people in their public school education.

The Life to the Max TV Show in Minnesota featured Abington School District’s “Educating with STEAM” programs. (Abington School District - Abington, Penn.)

The video was produced over a period of several days in Abington Schools by Lifetouch Media Productions, highlighting Abington School District’s program that adds an “A” for “the Arts” to STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. The story also was a feature at the National Conference on Education in Nashville.

The narrator in the “Educating with STEAM” video begins with “The Abington School District near Philadelphia is making waves among school districts across America, led by a superintendent who understands the key is putting students first.”

The video shows segments in Abington of:


  • SCIENCE – analyzing mocked-up samples from crime scenes; and life in moving water
  • TECHNOLOGY – using student response “clickers” for interactive education; and employing technology for communication with students with special needs
  • ENGINEERING – featuring underwater robots engineered and built by Abington Senior High School students with materials supplied by outside organizations and a low cost 3D printer
  • ARTS – featuring musical groups beginning at very young age ion elementary schools and continuing through high school performance groups as well; and the graphic and visual arts
  • MATHEMATICS – featuring a kindergarten class lesson using digital white boards (and very enthusiastic teacher!); a high school class using graphing calculators; and a “statistics presentation on students’ use of their non-dominant hand” by an elementary school student!

See the program at: http://youtu.be/3Xe1Vs-vvzg.

NOTE: Dr. Sichel is available for appearances and interviews about “Educating with STEAM.”

Byron Goldstein, Abington School District Community Relations

James Minichello