AASA Announces Collaboration to Reverse Summer Learning Loss in Math



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TenMarks Education to Offer Personalized Summer Math Programs for AASA Members Nationwide, Free

Alexandria, Va., April 9, 2014 – AASA, The School Superintendents Association, is collaborating with TenMarks, an Amazon company, to reverse the summer learning loss in math. Today, AASA announced that TenMarks is making available the TenMarks Summer Math Program, at no cost, to students across the country.

Research shows students lose two to three months of grade level math equivalency over the summer, which impacts their readiness for the next school year. While academic assistance is available during the summer, the participation in these programs is limited. The TenMarks Summer Math Program is providing AASA memberswith a scalable offering, personalized for the needs of every student.

“Students need a strong foundation in math in order to be college and career ready, which is why we’re excited about the TenMarks online summer math program,” said Daniel A. Domenech, executive director, AASA. “As school districts are making the transition to new curriculum standards, this program will help students build their math skills over the summer break at their own pace and time. We’re excited about the TenMarks Summer Math Program free offering as it will benefit our schools and, more importantly, our students in the long run.”

The TenMarks Summer Math Program is personalized to guide students through a curriculum that meets their individual needs. Starting with a diagnostic assessment at their grade and skill level, the program automatically creates an individualized summer curriculum, designed to review concepts that a student must refresh from the year past, and introduces them to concepts for the year ahead. As students work through math concepts, they use embedded hints and video lessons to refresh what they know while learning new concepts. The program adapts with targeted interventions when it recognizes a need. TenMarks will also offer end of summer reports for families and districts to help inform curriculum and instruction for the new school year.

“Summer learning loss in mathematics is a big problem and should be a major concern across the country. One very successful solution is the use of online programs that address the individual needs of students and provide reinforcement and learning in fun and engaging ways,” said David Driscoll, EdD, of the National Assessment Governing Board (NAGB) and the former commissioner of education for Massachusetts.

“Together, we share a passion for encouraging summer learning and we are thrilled to offer AASA members a free, personalized summer math program for students,” said Rohit Agarwal, co-founder of TenMarks, an Amazon company. “We are committed to helping students build a strong foundation in math and to creating learning programs that students, parents, teachers and administrators love.”

AASA encourages school districts across the country to learn more about the free, online summer math program at http://summermath.tenmarks.com, where they can immediately access materials to inform families about the free program.


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