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Additional Resources  


Authors Stephen Fink and Max Silverman recommend these informational resources relating to their article. Several are products of the University of Washington’s Center for Educational Leadership, where they work.

“Central Office Transformation for District-Wide Teaching and Learning Improvement,” Center for the Study of Teaching and Policy and The Wallace Foundation, http://bit.ly/CentralOfficeTransformation

Leading for Instructional Improvement: How Successful Leaders Develop Teaching and Learning Expertise by Stephen Fink and Anneke Markholt (Jossey-Bass, 2011)

Leading for Effective Teaching project, a white paper and a toolkit, www.k-12leadership.org/leading-for-effective-teaching

Principal Support Framework, a district self-assessment and planning template, www.k-12leadership.org/principal-support-framework

“Rethinking Leadership: The Changing Role of Principal Supervisors,” Council of the Great City Schools and The Wallace Foundation, http://bit.ly/RethinkingLeadership


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