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Conference Connections

My monthly editor’s message is being composed a couple of weeks following AASA’s 2014 national conference in Nashville, where attendees gain exposure to some top-flight thinkers and doers in K-12 education and organizational leadership.

The annual conference also gives the editors of AASA publications a chance to connect with potential contributors and to hear their presentations to school system leaders. That’s an important opportunity for a small staff.

You can find a good example in this issue. Steve Fink and Max Silverman, principals at the University of Washington’s Center for Educational Leadership, composed an article about remaking the role of principal supervision in a school district. Fink has had an important presence at previous AASA conferences, so I’ve had exposure to his work. He and Silverman teamed up on a Thought Leader session in Nashville that addressed the central-office’s role in bolstering principals on academic affairs.

The latest AASA conference also afforded me a chance to match faces with several superintendent bloggers whose thoughtful reflections on schooling and their work as leaders I’ve been following over the past year. Some of their blog posts that have caught my fancy have appeared in excerpted form on School Administrator’s Best of the Blogs page.

If you maintain a blog regularly that hasn’t yet appeared on that page it could be I’m not aware of it. Drop me a note with the blogsite and I’ll take a look from time to time.

Jay P. Goldman, Editor
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