AASA Releases Superintendent Salary Study

Report Benchmarks School System Leaders' Salaries and Benefits



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Nashville, Tenn. – Feb. 12, 2014 On the eve of its National Conference on Education in Nashville, Tenn., AASA, The School Superintendents Association, released the organization’s second annual superintendent salary study. 

The 2013 Superintendents Salary and Benefits Study was distributed to more than 9,000 superintendents and generated a response rate of more than 25 percent—more than double the rate of the previous year’s study. Some of the report’s key findings included: 

  • Nearly half of the participating superintendents described their districts’ economic conditions as stable while more than 40 percent described their districts’ economic conditions as “declining.”
  • Median salaries grew with increasing district enrollment.
  • In most cases, median salaries for female superintendents were slightly higher than those for male superintendents.
  • Base median salaries increased by 1-2 percent from the 2012-13 to the 2013-14 school years. 

“This important study serves as a benchmark for the superintendency,” said Daniel A. Domenech, AASA executive director. “The extremely high response rate shows that superintendents across the country view this as a valuable tool. We plan to follow this survey with a comparative analysis of salaries in similar positions such as hospital administrators and college presidents to see how superintendents are compensated for their challenging work.” 

The 2013 study showed a nearly 10 percent increase in superintendents who are subject to an annual evaluation. The study also observed that 40 percent of superintendents indicated student performance data are included in their evaluations. 

To access a copy of the public version of the 2013 Superintendents Salary and Benefits Study, click here. The full version, available to AASA members only, will be available shortly. 

For questions about the survey, please contact Noelle Ellerson at nellerson@aasa.org or Leslie Finnan at lfinnan@aasa.org.

Visit the Conference Daily Online for more info.


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