Local Residents to Help Build School in the Dominican Republic


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Local Residents to Help Build School in the Dominican Republic

ALEXANDRIA, VA. – Two representatives of AASA, The School Superintendents Association, Denny Dearden, associate executive director, and Paula Dearden, director, awards and scholarships, are participating in a Lifetouch Memory Mission® to build a school in the Dominican Republic Jan. 21-28, 2014. The school will be built for the children in a small, mountainous farming community. Lifetouch, the leading national provider of school and family photography, organized this trip and invited school administrators, principals, educators and PTA members throughout North America to work alongside Lifetouch volunteers and Dominican nationals to build the school.

This is the third Memory Mission to Constanza. In 2011 and 2012, volunteers built an elementary school. That school now serves hundreds of children who otherwise would not have had a chance to receive an education.

This month, the pair will join about 50 volunteers in building a vocational school. School children will soon have a place to continue their education, offering greater opportunities for careers as adults.

Memory Mission volunteers will work on a variety of projects, including block and concrete work, stucco and paint finishing for the classrooms. Participants will also have an opportunity to visit community members and participate in a day of photography for the children in this village, many of whom have never seen a photo of themselves.

Since the inception of the Lifetouch Memory Mission in 2000, Lifetouch hands have helped rebuild a village in war-ravaged Kosovo, repair homes in Appalachia, establish a children’s center in Jamaica, and construct a bridge in the land of the Navajo in Arizona. They have built 11 schools across Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Memory Mission volunteers have also provided on-site assistance to victims of natural disasters throughout the United States, including Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, floods in the Dakotas, fires in California, and tornadoes across the Midwest.

Learn more about the upcoming Memory Mission at lifetouchmemorymission.com.


A video from the 2012 Lifetouch Memory Mission is available at lifetouchmemorymission.com/video.html.