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A Downer of a Tweet
Joseph Roy was looking for ways to establish personal relationships with students in the Bethlehem, Pa., district, where he’s the superintendent. So Roy opened a Twitter account and pledged he’d respond to any specific queries directed his way.

That meant Roy has had more than a few occasions to address students’ tweets wondering if the forecast for snow might mean a delayed opening or if a closing was in the works. One evening exchange went this way:

Student: “Give me an excuse not to do this English project and give us off tomorrow.”

Roy: “Sorry, no decision until early morning. Do the English project, you’ll feel good when it’s done.”


Family Familiarity
Attorney Rico Munn never had worked in the upper levels of school district administration, yet he felt uniquely ready for the superintendency in Aurora, Colo. His mother worked for years as secretary to several superintendents in Colorado’s Widefield School District in Colorado Springs.

Munn landed the post last summer.


Time-Out for a Time Check
Hernando County, Fla., school board member John Sweeney first noticed an easygoing humor in Bryan Blavatt when the latter interviewed for the district superintendency in 2010.

Coping with Bell’s palsy, Blavatt looked unhealthy to Sweeney during his first appearance. “We asked him how long he could give us,” the board member recalled in a news account.

Blavatt, who retired from the post last summer, turned around in the middle of the interview and called to his wife. “Hey, Barb, how long can I give them?” he shouted. Everyone cracked up.

Source: Tampa Bay Times


A Fair Assignment
When Jen Dowd, a popular assistant principal, was reassigned to split her time between two elementary schools because of enrollment shifts in the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District in Soldotna, Alaska, some aggrieved 2nd graders felt compelled to weigh in on the personnel move.

Upon learning they’d be losing Dowd to nearby Redoubt Elementary School three days a week, the pupils at Kalifornsky Beach Elementary shared their feelings with Dowd, including these comments:

“Now that you have two jobs, at least you’ll get paid more;” and

“To make it fair, we should get you two days, Redoubt should get you two days, and then you can have Fridays off.”

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