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The Advance of Social Media  

As clumsy as I am moving around in social media and adapting to every new advance in the software that shows up on my office PC, I’ve realized that this subject should not be ignored by anyone in the school leadership field.

I can easily identify with those on a certain side of the generational divide when it comes to the use of personal technology. The building of this month’s issue began with that mindset. Our coverage is designed to open readers’ eyes to the genuine merits of social media use in the K-12 instructional realm and in the day-to-day work of administrators.

You’ll read about school systems in Iowa that have embraced social media in the classroom and about districts elsewhere that have put in place policies and practices to ensure acceptable use by students and staff. You’ll discover how a small Kansas district has made big-time moves, along with the superintendent’s first-person take on the “risk management” of social media adoption. And Chris Kennedy, one of the most thoughtful social media embracers in the superintendent ranks, details his approaches.

I’m learning a lot from these contributors, too. Our magazine recently added a digital, page-turning edition that replicates the look and feel of the print edition in your hands. You can access it at www.schooladministrator.aasa.org. My colleagues at AASA frequently post magazine content to Facebook and use Twitter to highlight newly published work. We’re also now exploring the creation of a mobile app for School Administrator, so I’d welcome hearing from any readers who’d like to further my thinking on that project. 

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